Senior Conceptual Copywriter
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On occasion, writers, business owners, and entrepreneurs need backup. They know what they want to say but may be too busy or overwhelmed do get their ideas on paper. That’s where I come in. I listen to the client, intensely, and capture their tone and their ideal purpose, then distill the working essence into engaging copy or storytelling in their voice.



Meet Paula.

Paula Williams is an artist and the founder of SHAMEBOOTH.

While working with Paula, it was extremely important to capture her voice and retain the integrity of her personal style. Irreverent and bold, her particular style needed to remain authentic yet approachable. Ghostwriting for her website, publications in iTunes and for various marketing assets was a particular pleasure.

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SHAMEBOOTH Podcast episodes dive into often uncomfortable subject matter, yet the topics are of extreme importance. In writing copy to synopsize the episodes, it was important to keep the descriptions approachable- often using humor and unconventional language to do so. Some examples below:


Special Episodes- Copy

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